Color Palette: Bourbon + Winter Surf

Feb 3

Another Monday, another pretty color palette from my heart to yours! I have to tell you. Sometimes these color palettes take me eons. As in, literally hours. Sometimes they get shelved entirely or stuck on a back burner for another day. Then other times, it’s like the color stars and heavens all align and something comes together so perfectly I literally find myself clapping. (Oh gosh. I’m going way too far with sharing my oddities today, aren’t I?) Welp. This color palette was one of the latter. I’m so crazy in love with these colors that this may be my new official color palette for winter. It’s particularly appropriate for late winter, because it almost starts to feel a touch like spring, but all the bourbon and fig goodness keeps it grounded and cold weather perfect. Also, any cocktail involving maple and bourbon is a sure win. Seriously. Trust me.

Bourbon and Winter Surf Color Palette

[Photos, from top: This Modern Romance from Elizabeth Anne Designs | Michael Graydon | Cheese and Chocolate via The Boys Club.]

6 thoughts on “Color Palette: Bourbon + Winter Surf”

  1. What a perfectly fabulous balance of colors! I just know i’ll never get tired of looking at it! By the way, I totally know how you feel…I also find myself clapping when something turns out really well! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one, Lol.

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