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Color Palette: Driftwood + Sea Grass

You know those beautiful yet kind of moody spring or summer days after a rain storm? This color palette kind of feels like that for me. While in Mexico in November, most of our afternoons fit that bill perfectly. Rain washed and yet still so warm. The kind of days made for lounging around a thatch roofed porch watching the waves and reading a favorite book. If I close my eyes and think about it real hard, the weather here feels a lot like that lately. Minus the waves. And the thatch roof. And still occasionally dipping below freezing. But you get what I mean, right? Cool. So here’s a moody palette that I still find oh so pretty and a happy Monday to you!

Color Palette: Driftwood and Sea Grass

[Photos, from top: Erich McVey from Once Wed | Brookelyn Photography from Entouriste | Pastry Affair.]

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