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Yummy Fall Desserts + Friday Link Love

Happy Friday, friends! I’m coming at you live this morning from Buffalo where B had an early morning appointment today. From here we’re heading off to Long Island to visit our good friends for the weekend so by the time we make it home on Sunday we’ll have quite literally criss-crossed across most of New York State. Our weekend plans are basically just to hang out, but we’re contemplating taking the train into the city on Saturday or maybe going out to the beach to camp out for the night. Either way you can follow along on Instagram if you like! These kinds of loosely planned weekend travels are what we live for, but they don’t happen too often for us so when they do we make sure to pack in as much fun as we can. Before I run off for the weekend I’m sharing five super yummy fall desserts I’ve spied this week. What is it about the start of fall that just makes me want to bake all day long? I just can’t get enough. Be sure to scroll down for your weekly dose of Friday Link Love and I’ll see you here on Monday! xoxo

Yummy Fall Desserts from @cydconverse

[Plum cake | Apple pie biscuits | Coconut macaroon peaches | Black plum tarts | Carrot cake donuts.]



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Sam ~ it doesn't taste like chicken

Friday 12th of September 2014

Hi Cyd, thanks for sharing my recipes! I don't even really like donuts, but your pictures make me feel like I NEED donuts!!


Friday 12th of September 2014

Oh my goodness, I just got incredibly hungry! Love all of these beautiful images! x

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