Color Palette: Chartreuse + McIntosh

Oct 7

Mark my words, friends. I have a feeling that chartreuse is about to make a major comeback. I’ve been seeing it pop up here and there in fashion and home decor, but I think it’s about to have a big presence in the world of color. So today I’m here to banish all thoughts of 70s shag carpet from your brain with proof that chartreuse can be absolutely gorgeous. Paired with a deep olive green and pretty shades of McIntosh red, peach and pink, it’s vibrant and elegant and awesome. This color palette isn’t my usual jam at all, but I love it more than I can even tell you. It feels fresh and cool and totally hip, but with a surprising sophistication. Chartreuse. Who knew it was so so pretty?

Color Palette: Chartreuse and McIntosh


[Photos, from top: Hayneedle | The Silk and Cotton Co. via House and Leisure | Pure Vegetarian.]

3 thoughts on “Color Palette: Chartreuse + McIntosh”

  1. Wow, thank you! I definitely needed that. I have to admit, I was one of those people who had chartreuse marked as a very distasteful color. This is just so gorgeous!

  2. Thanks, Elle! I saw that bedroom photo and it kind of took control of this palette. As soon as I saw it I was surprised at how much I liked chartreuse in the right context!

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