A Pineapple Jack O’Lantern

Oct 8

I’ve seen a lot of cool variations on the classic carved pumpkin over the years. Gourds, squashes, little fruits like apples and oranges. But this? This pineapple jack o’lantern takes the cake by far in my book! Something about the texture of the pineapple and the spiky leaves resembling hair make it look so spooky. We make it a point to spend an evening carving pumpkins each year, but this year I’m definitely thinking we need to try our hands at carving a pineapple or two, too. The process is basically the same! Lop off the top, scoop out the fruit and carve out eyes, a nose and a jagged smile. See a bunch more ideas for decorating and carving your fruit of choice this year over at A Subtle Revelry, where my sweet friend Victoria has all things Jack O’Lantern on lock.

Pineapple Jack O'Lantern


[Photo by Amy Covington for A Subtle Revelry.]

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