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Bunk Room Love

We’re taking a little break from all things Valentine’s Day this morning to discuss a different kind of love. Specifically, we’re talking about my longtime love for an awesome bunk room. What is it about built-in bunk beds that just incites such utter glee for me? I know that when I dream of one day building or renovating a house, there are corresponding dreams of bunks for sure. It’s such an efficient use of space, but when done right (think cool ladders, velvet curtains and little reading lights) I think they’re also entirely magical. As a kid in one of these spaces I would have hidden away in my bunk with a book all day long if given the opportunity. If you have a room in your house begging for bunks and you’re handy with a saw, be sure to check out this DIY tutorial!

Built-In Bunks

[Smitten Studio.]

Built-In Bunks

[Lonny Magazine.]

Bunk Room

[Pierrick Verny.]

DIY Built-In Bunk Beds

[Mikaelmonson Family Photography.]

Built-In Bed Nooks

[Jana Carson via Style Me Pretty Living.]

Cozy Built-In Bunk Beds

[Lonny Magazine.]


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