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DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse

If you hang around these parts at all, it’s likely you have caught on to the fact that decoupage glue is one of my absolute favorite craft tools. There are typically no fewer than three or four bottles in my stash, because I find it just so easy and handy to work with for just about any kind of project. Then, dishwasher Mod Podge blew onto the scene and my life was forever changed. (Eh, that’s overly dramatic, but you get my point.) Since then, we’ve made gold glitter dipped mugs and today we’re making this DIY abstract serving bowl. Mod Podge, I just can’t quit you!

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse

If you’ve never decoupaged anything before, consider this your crash course! This will give you the basic process for adhering just about anything to anything, quickly and permanently. (Hint: It’s crazy easy.) I decided to make this colorful fruit bowl that looks insanely fun piled high with lemons. Who needs that many lemons, you ask? Precisely no one, which is why you should set your pretty bowl on your counter somewhere where you can see it every day and fill it with some other fruit, too. Or use this as a serving dish at parties! Make a few to give as gifts! The choices are endless and entirely yours to make. (But no matter what, this is still really easy.)

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse


  • Dishwasher safe Mod Podge
  • Tissue paper in assorted colors/patterns
  • Large porcelain, ceramic or glass bowl
  • Foam brush

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse

The trickiest part about this project is not overthinking things. I’m the queen of thinking too hard about things and I even I managed this one! Begin by tearing small, randomly shaped pieces of your tissue paper. A variety of bright, fun colors and patterns works best here. Then use your foam brush to apply a thin layer of the dishwasher safe Mod Podge to the exterior of the bowl. Place a piece of tissue paper directly over the glue, smooth down very gently with your fingers (so that it doesn’t rip) and follow up with another thin layer of glue over top.

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse

Repeat this process, layering the tissue paper as you work, to create a fun, abstract design. I opted to leave a bit of the bowl exposed, but you could bring this all the way up to the lip of the bowl if you preferred. There is no right or wrong way to do this! This is the type of DIY project that is purely about having fun and spending some time playing with glue. AKA My favorite type of craft of all time. Once you’ve settled on a design that you like, allow the bowl to dry completely, preferably overnight before putting it into service in your kitchen.

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse

As always, here’s my friendly disclaimer that I have not yet been able to do thorough testing on just how well the dishwasher safe Mod Podge holds up over time as I live in the stone ages and do not have a dishwasher in my kitchen. That said, I can tell you it holds up perfectly to even vigorous hand washing and I trust that the Mod Podge people know what they’re talking about. So with all of that said, happy crafting, friends!

DIY Abstract Fruit Bowl by @cydconverse


[Design + styling by Cyd Converse | Photos by Alice G. Patterson for The Sweetest Occasion.]

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Thank you for sharing! Love Mod Podge craft ideas. Definitely going to do this on my mason jars.

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Love this! I still haven't tried to do a modge podge project yet but this is definitely getting my wheels turning! So cute!

Cyd Converse

Sunday 12th of July 2015

Hi Ashley! Mod Podge is seriously one of my favorites! I used to love decoupaging tissue paper and magazine tear-outs to basically anything when I was younger just to prove that it worked. lol Give it a try! It's so easy.


Wednesday 8th of July 2015

Ahhh I love crafting with tissue paper! It's up there amongst my most favourite things. Such a cute bowl!