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The Weekend To Do List

Thank you so so much to everyone who has taken the reader survey so far! If you haven’t yet, would you consider taking a few minutes to do so? I’d really love to hear from you, plus you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card sooo there’s that. (Who can complain about a hundred bucks?!) I know things were a little quiet around here this week, but I have been working to get some things organized and projects lined up so I can start working toward a more normal work load. I’m still figuring out exactly what that will look like since the baby won’t be going to daycare on a full-time basis anytime soon, but I am working to sort things out. (Which is kind of where the survey comes into play. Shameless plug. Again.) In the meantime, I’ve got this weekend’s to do list on deck for you! (Don’t forget you can share your weekend adventures with me on Instagram with #theweekendtodolist.) Happy Friday, friends! xoxo

Craft ideas, recipes, DIY and cocktails to inspire your weekend from @cydconverse

1 | Wear This
I’ve been in a total rut with my hair lately, anyone else? Check out this hair tutorial if you’re feeling like a fresh, pretty look this weekend! [Photo by Heather Hawkins]

2 | Eat This
I’ve been craving pancakes lately (nothing new there), and I’m seriously considering giving this vegan pancake recipe a try! Nothing says “weekend” like pancakes, am I right? [Photo by Cookie + Kate]

3 | Drink This
This white Russian affogato takes the classic drink to a whole new level. Skip dinner and go right to dessert with the ultimate happy hour! [Photo by Hungry Girl por Vida]

4 | DIY This
On the hunt for a quick and easy DIY project idea for the weekend that is super simple but pays off with a gorgeous end product? Get your marble on with these dipped marble vases! [Photo by Sugar & Cloth]

5 | Make This
Because every weekend should call for a little homemade pistachio ice cream with Nutella fudge, don’t you think? I am seriously drooling right now. [Photo by How Sweet It Is]

6 | Buy This
Does your bedroom need a bright and cheery little facelift for spring? Enter this black polka dot bedding for the win. It’s so fun! [Photo from Garnet Hill]



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