9 Awesome Brass Light Fixtures Under $350

Jun 13

I mentioned in my renovation update last week (and also multiple times on Snapchat) that we would be looking to swap out the existing light fixture in our dining room sooner rather than later. Frankly, it’s just not our taste so we had always planned to change it at some point, but then we discovered a bare ground wire hanging by a thread and we decided it was going to need to be a higher priority item than we expected. It’s not original to the house (we found a date on it of 1951) so we don’t feel badly in any kind of way about removing it, although we are intent on keeping all of the fixtures matte brass to match all the original fixtures and door hardware throughout the house. And so began my quest in earnest for a fabulous brass light fixture that wouldn’t break the bank! Because, guys, I love a crazy gorgeous light fixture as much as the next girl, but when you have to do fun things like unexpectedly spend $710 to have roots removed from your sewer line after things get a little unsavory in your basement less than a month after you close on the house? Well, then you realize the light fixture of your dreams needs to come with an equally dreamy price tag. So today, for all of you like minded folks out there, I’ve got 9 pretty awesome brass light fixtures all under $350! And many are way way less than that. (In fact, all but one or two are under $250!) Find all of the prices and shopping links below for these beauties! I actually just placed the order for the winner for our dining room a little earlier this morning. Any guesses as to which one I picked?

Budget Brass Light Fixtures Under $350 and other home improvement ideas and home decor inspiration from @cydconverse


[1: Threshold brass chandelier from Target, $149.99 | 2: Globe pendant from CB2, $249 | 3: White/brass pendant from Design Within Reach, $249 | 4: Mobile chandelier from West Elm, $279 | 5: Gold lotus light from World Market, $99.99 | 6: Brass and glass globe pendant from Wayfair, $79 | 7: Brass and wood pendant from World Market, $69.99 | 8: Brass chandelier from Schoolhouse Electric, $349 | 9: Tapered glass pendant from Crate & Barrel, $249]

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