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Our Old House: A Living Room Decor Mood Board

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve finally started to pluck away at the puzzle that is decorating our living room. When I shared my general inspiration for our living room decor, I mentioned that since our initial living room renovation (removing 3+ layers of wallpaper, fixing the walls, painting every square inch of wall and trim, removing the 40+ year old carpet), the room pretty much has stood as is all summer. As of this week I have ordered these curtains (an amazing price for the 108″ panels we need to accommodate our super high ceilings) and I’m pretty sure I’ve settled on a rug. I am loving the super simple pattern and the darker navy color for hiding stains. (We have kids, folks! Stains are real.) I still need to finalize a decision on what we’re going to do with the sofa situation. Do one sofa and a couple of arm chairs? Do a larger L-shaped sectional? I want to maximize seating, but I also don’t have a $4,000,000 budget so I am eyeing the IKEA Kivik because of it’s simple, modern shape, the cool blocky arms and the price tag. Again, kids. I get that it might not last for 10 years, but what are the chances I still like a sofa ten years from now anyway? Precisely zero, friends. At any rate, here’s my current living room decor mood board. Any thoughts? Anyone own a Kivik with feedback to share? Chime in! Cold weather is coming and I need this place ready for cozy nights in front of a good movie.


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