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The Things I Loved This Week

Things I Love This Week from @cydconverse | Weekend DIY ideas, crafts projects, recipes, cocktail recipes, party ideas and more

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and I’ll be popping in with the next edition of our Real Talk with Real Moms series, but in the meantime I didn’t want to skip out on sharing some of my favorite things from around the web this week. A few last minute things to inspire your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, alongside those boozy Irish coffee milkshakes we whipped up yesterday! Also, just a few things that inspired me in general or caught my eye. We’ll have a house full of kiddos this weekend so a walk down to our big local Irish festival and a slow cooker full of corned beef (for the meat-eating contingency) is topping our list of things to do this weekend. And maybe I’ll let my arm be twisted into whipping up a batch of those milkshakes for our favorite neighbors. (Chances are very very likely.)

1 | Leah’s Rainbow Layered Jello
It’s confession time! I kind of hate jello. It’s just really never done anything for me, even as a kid. That said, Leah might just make a tiny bit of convert out of me with these adorable rainbow layered jello bites.

2 | Natural Girl Modern World’s Beet + Pineapple Juice
Basically if you add beets to anything, I’m hooked. I love beets, I love that signature beet color and the flavor is just so good. This beet + pineapple juice looks amazing to me. Brunch, anyone?

3 | Blissful Basil’s Vegan Green Goddess Pasta
I am in love with basically everything that falls under the Green goddess category. Make it vegan and add pasta, and we’ve got a whole new love affair going on. And I love that green color!

4 | Margaux + Max’s Gallery Wall
Honestly, a good gallery wall will never grow old in my book, but I particularly love this one. Featuring sweet family photos all printed in black and white, with those simple wood frames, it’s just lovely.

5 | Eden’s Tokyo Mule Recipe
We are such huge fans of a good mule cocktail recipe around here, that I immediately perked up when I saw Eden’s recipe with an Asian twist. It’s made with sake! How incredible does that sound?

6 | The Fresh Exchange’s Lettering
I’m a long time fan of Megan’s lettering and this particular saying really resonates with me. If I told you all the ways this fits my life, I could write you a novel. Maybe I should do that some day…

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Friday 17th of March 2017

Haha! I'm on a mission to convert one jello-hater at a time. ;) Thanks for including my recipe Cyd! xo

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.