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Recently Pinning: Sweet + Citrus

It has been a little while since I’ve shared what I’ve been collecting and loving over at Pinterest and it dawned on me that today was the perfect day because it appears I’ve been pinning a whole bunch of sweet and citrusy things lately. Loads of fresh spring-inspired recipes. Cocktails infused with blood orange. Flowers, …

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Recently Pinning: Elegant Thanksgiving Decor

So it turns out that something pretty cool happened this week. Namely, Pinterest gave me an awesome little shout-out in their newsletter as a Pinner to follow for Thanksgiving ideas and inspiration! With a few thousand new Pinterest followers, a big ol’ grin on my face and turkey on the brain (even though I don’t …

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Loving Kids Rooms

Lately I’ve been finding myself really seriously inspired by kids rooms. Specifically of the beautiful, modern and largely neutral-hued variety. Whether it be with Scandinavian inspired black and white or bright white walls with subtle pops of juicy color, I find these rooms to be so much more sophisticated than the primary colored kids rooms …

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Recently Pinning: Things That Feel Like Fall

Remember how this time a month ago I was that whiney kid complaining about the end of summer? Yeah, well. I’ve turned over a new leaf. Specifically, my fall-loving leaf. I want all the fall things. From big stacks of pancakes to steamy mugs of tea to fresh apple cider, I’ve definitely hit that point …

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Recently Pinning: The Littles

Over the last several months I’ve found myself increasingly captivated by really great kids photography. To the extent that I felt the need to start an entire Pinterest board dedicated to the cause. All of these images are from Vancouver based Leuie, a boutique overflowing with the most beautiful kids clothes, accessories and home furnishings. …

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