Episode 006: Staying Connected + Supporting Small Businesses

Apr 22
Gus & Ruby Letterpress Signs of Hope

Welcome to episode 006 of Hey Neighbor where I once again felt moved to explore the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on families and communities, and what life is like after over 30 days of sheltering in place. Bob is back on the show with me to talk about how we’ve been celebrating birthdays, how we’re working to stay connected to friends and loved ones, and our efforts to support our amazing local community.

Episode 005: Building a Life You Love + Finding Yourself with Carolynn Lemke

Apr 15
Hey Neighbor Podcast: Building a Life You Love with Carolynn Lemke

As soon as I committed to myself that I was starting a podcast, I knew I had to invite my friend Carolynn to join me for at least one episode. She’s one of my OG pals in business, life, and babies, going back over 10 years ago to when we first met through the comment’s section of my other dear friend Ami’s blog. Ohhh the good ol’ days of the internet! I know you’ll find Carolynn to be a complete delight and really enjoy the wisdom she has to share in this episode of Hey Neighbor.

35 DIY Gifts for Mom to Make at Home

Apr 15
DIY Gifts for Mom: DIY No Sew Blanket

As a mom to a sweet little toddler, I have a serious love for homemade Mother’s Day gifts. I especially love those things that can be made simply, inexpensively and with few materials. Here I’ve rounded up 35 DIY gifts for mom that check all those boxes, many of which can be made with materials or ingredients you likely already have at home hopefully saving you time, money and a trip out to the store.