Favorites: 10 Pretty Hairstyles for Spring

Apr 18

Favorites: 10 Pretty Hairstyles for Spring

It was just about a year ago that I was contemplating long hair and whether I wanted to cut my hair, which I had worn in a bob for years, or let it grow. Turns out, it’s a year later and my hair is far and away the longest it has been since I lopped off 10″ back in 2007. I love how I look with a bob and it’s undeniably easier to take care of at that length, but after years of limited styling options I am loving having longer locks again. My go-to style is usually to just let it air dry with a bit of product in it to keep the frizz at bay. But I am also loving beachy waves and one day soon it’s probably going to even be long enough to rock a killer side braid.

Lately I’ve been eyeing and bookmarking a zillion hair tutorials that I am just loving and can’t wait to try. For spring my favorite looks are loose, a little messy and usually swept up in some fashion. So with warm weather days ahead, here are 10 pretty hairstyles that are perfect for spring!

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