Recipe Favorites: Mother’s Day Brunch

May 10

10 Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

I’m sure it’s no secret that Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, which I figured means we should talk about brunch. There’s just something about Mother’s Day and brunch that go hand in hand, which is alright with me. Turns out I’m a bit of a brunch fanatic. Probably because breakfast is my favorite meal of the deal, but brunch gives you a pretty awesome excuse to throw in a few savory delights and even dessert. Oh heck to the yeah! That’s my kind of meal.

This weekend I’ll be making brunch for my mother so I’ve been thinking about what to make her and dreaming up ideas for our Mothers Day brunch menu. My siblings both live in South Florida so Mother’s Day has become a bit of a day just for my mom and I, which is a tradition I really do love. So for the lady who inspires this here blog more than she probably even knows, I’m enacting a little ode to Mother’s Day brunch and moms everywhere. Ready to chow down? Click on through for 10 Mother’s Day brunch recipes!

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