Home Office Tour: Becka Robinson of Life as an Artistpreneur

Apr 24

Nook: Becka Robinson of Life as an Artistpreneur

What do you love best about the city where you live?
Orlando is known as being a tourist town but if you can look past The Mouse you’ll see so much more depth. Orlando has a really strong community of artisans and artists and I love getting to be a part of that.  Our food trucks are known nationally, some of our artists have their products in shops all over the world, we have one of the highest ranked craft beer bars in the world, and our best restaurants in town source local ingredients and change their menus with the seasons. Also, it’s like 80 out right now. Endless summer.

Get the look: Curtains from Ikea | Feather coffee mug from Target

Photo: Studio 222 Photography

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  1. I worked at Apple with Nate for a little while. They are some of the most genuinely nice people you’ll ever meet. :)

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