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January Favorites

Hi, friends! I’m popping in on Tuesday afternoon with the post I had full intentions of having up on Monday morning and have been struggling to finish up. Having a baby? Totally humbling. It turns out, I’m not half the woman I thought I was! Kidding. Sort of. At any rate, I’m bringing back a new/old column today, one I started a couple of years ago that never fully got off the ground. Monthly favorites! On the first Monday of each month (or, Tuesday, as the case may be) I’ll be sharing a bunch of my favorite things from the previous month. The format and content will probably change and evolve each month depending on what’s going on behind the scenes and what I’m into at the moment, but basically it’s going to be a whole mishmash of links, products, articles and more that I’m loving that month. I’d love for you to chime in with your favorites! Obviously you guys are the coolest people I know so hit me up in the comments and tell me what you’re obsessed with right now. Without further ado, let’s do this!


Valentine's Day Ideas from @cydconverse

Let the record reflect that I love a good Valentine’s Day craft project! Or two. Or thirteen. While I really don’t understand or get on board with extravagant, expensive Valentine’s Day gifts, I am more than totally in love with old school grade school-esque Valentine’s Day sentiments. Give me all the pink and all the conversation hearts you can throw my way! Are you feeling me? Here are a handful of my favorites this year!

Favorite Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas | Row 1: DIY XO Valentine’s Day mug | DIY geometric fringe heart | Row 2: Printable 80s inspired valentines | DIY conversation heart rings | Row 3: DIY anti conversation heart sweater | DIY envelope liners


Baby OOTD from @cydconverse

I’m planning to write a handful of posts about life with our little love nugget (pictured above, holy crap she is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen) and how it is completely knocking my entire world off it’s axis at the moment. In loads of awesome ways and in some ways that are a struggle for me, too. (I’m going to be sharing the real deal stuff, guys. No glitter. Even though I love glitter.) In the meantime, I kept tabs on the posts and articles written by other parents that I really loved this month. I am eating this stuff up right now. Any recommendations?


Cocktail Recipes via @cydconverse

Obviously having just been pregnant and now having a newborn, I haven’t been doing much drinking over the last year. All the more reason why when I do have a chance to mix and enjoy a drink, I like it to be a really really good one! No pressure whatsoever. Needless to say, my cocktails board is seeing some serious action these days and these concotions are topping my must-make list at the moment.

Favorite Cocktails | Row 1: Negroni float | Bubbly winter citrus sangria | Row 2: Classic Manhattan | Blackberry champagne punch | Row 3: Jam cham pops | Kir royale


@cydconverse January Highlights

As I’ve been continuing to work fewer hours throughout the first part of the year here, January was a slower posting month for me than I’ve probably ever had. There were still some really fun posts though and a few that were particularly meaningful to me as I shared the baby’s newborn photos, her nursery and photos from our baby shower. Here are a few highlights from the month of January!

Favorite Posts | Row 1: Emerson’s nursery tour | Our newborn photos | Row 2: Our baby shower | The best of 2015 | Row 3: Andrea’s baby shower | Sunny clementine cocktail

A Color Story


And that’s a wrap for January! How are we liking this? Love it? Hate it? Tell me what you think and don’t forget to share your current favorite everything with me!


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Tuesday 9th of February 2016

You are definitely going to be the cool mom! There is no question in my mind about that.

Cyd Converse

Wednesday 10th of February 2016

Awww, thanks, Beth! XOXOXO

Cyd Converse

Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

Thanks, Morgan! I am actually planning to pick up a second Rock n Play instead of bringing it back and forth up and down the stairs every day. It's so good! And so affordable. Regarding the oils, I'm just starting to get into essential oils but feel free to shoot me an email with your info and I'll reach out when I'm ready to place another order! (I've heard the same thing about the selling on Amazon and I definitely prefer the Doterra oil.) XOXOXO


Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

Love this series! And I love and encourage all baby-related posts too!! We also LOVED the RnP and had one on each level of our house for baby #2.

A note about the link to the doterra lavender - doterra is going to stop allowing people to sell on Amazon/eBay as there are sellers who tamper with the product (like diluting a bottle down over several bottles). Do you buy from a wellness advocate? If so, they would probably be happy to have a link to their site. If not, I'm a WA and would be happy to help you ensure you are getting the real deal - the oils are seriously amazing!

:) xo, Morgan

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.