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A Wildest Dreams Baby Shower

I’ve always been a fan of a really really great baby shower (you can find loads of baby shower ideas in the archives), but I’m especially into them at the moment since my sister is currently 20 weeks pregnant with her first baby. And with a seventeen month old toddler baby of my own, I feel like my own shower was just yesterday so, the long and short? Yes. Bring on all the baby shower stuff. When the ladies of Social Design & Events sent over this incredibly beautiful baby shower planned for one of their very own, Emily Sapp, I could not wait to share with you. Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams video, their shared loved for plants, greenery and charcuterie (with photos by Leah Barry Photography), the ladies planned one of the loveliest baby showers I’ve seen in a long time.

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How I Keep Memories for Emerson

Back when I was still pregnant with Emerson, I started hunting in earnest for the perfect baby book. I wanted something that would be special for her as she grows older and wants to flip through the pages, but frankly, I know myself well enough to know that keeping detailed records, creating monthly scrapbook pages or in some other way extravagantly keeping memories in a physical way was never going to happen. I finally picked the Lucy Darling Little Artist Memory Book, which is easily among the best baby books out there.

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I Never Planned to Have a Baby (Ever)

[Lettering by Juliana Moore.] I think the only right way to open this conversation is to say how deeply and completely I love our daughter. Lest anyone should come at this thinking that I’m being flippant or ungrateful, I assure you nothing could be farther from the truth. I have friends who are struggling to …

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Baby Talk: Baby E at Seven Months Old

Our internet was down earlier without reason so I gladly stole some extra baby snuggles and spent some time thinking about this post. We’ll jump right into the cliches as I proclaim that I can’t believe that little Baby E is already seven months old. Really, how does it go so fast? Even when you know …

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Baby Talk: When Your Baby Refuses to Sleep

The struggle is really real this week, friends. This sweet little lady had shots on Monday and ever since she’s been demanding extra snuggles and her sleep schedule has been all out of whack. Add in the fact that the sun has apparently abandoned us forever and it won’t quit snowing (which is seriously old …

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Baby Talk – Tell Me What You Want

Hi, friends, and happy Monday! A quick post this morning to talk about baby talk. As in, tell me what you want! Considering this is my first time growing a human and therefore such matters have previously been largely irrelevant around here, I’d love to know what you’re most interested in my sharing over the …

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