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Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Energy Bites

You wouldn’t know it based on the sunshine and 80 degree days we’ve been experiencing, but in my mind it’s officially sweater weather season! Fall in Upstate New York is a serious thing of beauty. On the weekends it means apple picking and trips to our local cider mill where their apple cider donuts are famed for all the right reasons. During the week it means crisp cool mornings and extra large cups of coffee while I’m checking my morning email. Also, it means adding pumpkin to anything reasonable like donuts, cocktails and cheesecake parfaits. Or in today’s case, oatmeal energy bites! These are one of my favorite quick and easy little breakfasts these days. A couple of these, a piece of fruit and coffee makes the perfect start to the day. They’re also a great dessert, a great mid-day snack and loaded with protein and good-for-you ingredients. I make them year round without the pumpkin, but this pumpkin spice version is perfect for fall. Give them a try, I think you’ll love these!

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Berry + Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries

Happy Monday, friends! I’m working on getting back in the saddle following a little spring break adventure over the second half of last week. There’s a really funny story there about a toddler who refused to sleep and cried for seven hours in a car only to then hate living in a hotel, but we’re going to save that one until I’ve recovered a bit more. Ha! In the meantime, let’s talk about these breakfast pastries. Because it’s Monday and by Monday I’m already thinking about weekend brunch.

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Million Dollar Bacon

Ok, guys. Things are about to get weird around here. Your resident vegetarian is about to break down a bacon recipe for you. It’s whatever. This is real life and in real life I share my house with meat-loving boys who graciously accommodate my veggie-eating ways so long as they get the occasional big fat dose of meat. Truth be told, this one isn’t an original. B and I saw this so-called Million Dollar Bacon (I think I’ve also seen it called Millionaire Bacon) on one of those shows we watch religiously. Was it Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives? Probably. At any rate, that was months ago and this weekend the inspiration struck to recreate it for our Sunday morning brunch based on whatever rough description they gave in the show. In short, it’s bacon that sweet with a little heat and it’s a new fan favorite around here.

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