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Posts from: July 2014

Flamingo Party Ideas | The Sweetest Occasion

Loving Flamingos

I’m not typically huge on themed parties, but right now I’m officially making an exception for everything even remotely flamingo themed. Flamingos feel unabashedly fun to me and it being summer and all, I’m pretty sure we all should indulge in some unabashed fun as often as possible. Both of my siblings live in South …

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Shop By Color: Chambray

Shop By Color: Chambray

I have a major thing for chambray lately. In reality, I’ve always loved chambray, because it’s the kind of classically preppy and cool and that I love. Lately though? My love affair has reached all new heights. I’m chalking it up to chambray feeling especially perfect during the summer months. It’s chic and elegant while …

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One Ingredient Five Ways: Tomatoes

This post was sponsored by Unilever and Project Sunlight. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that so generously help The Sweetest Occasion keep the party rockin’! Earlier this summer I announced that I was teaming up with Unilver to spread the word about their amazing Project Sunlight campaign and taking on their One Ingredient, Five Ways challenge. The …

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Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Vegan Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Hi, guys! I hope you had an amazing weekend and that for those of you who celebrated that your 4th of July festivities involved loads of fireworks, sunshine and ice cream. Speaking of ice cream, I’m wretchedly sick today and ice cream is the only thing that sounds good because my throat is killing me. …

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Watermelon Slice Jello Shots | Recipe at The Sweetest Occasion

Watermelon Slice Jello Shots

We’re one day closer to the holiday weekend, friends, and I couldn’t let the end of the week creep up on us without one final fancy shot recipe for you! Today we’re talking watermelon slice Jell-O shots. Made with fresh watermelon juice, they look deceptively like real watermelon slices, which pretty much means they’re going …

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Grilled Pizza Salads | #ArtOfCheese

Grilled Pizza Salads

This post was sponsored by Président. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that so generously help The Sweetest Occasion keep the party rockin’! A few years ago we fell in love with a summer dish we’ve since affectionately dubbed grilled pizza salads. We dream up varying combinations of cheeses, greens, fruits and veggies as seasonal …

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